10 Bone-Chilling Stories of Exploring Abandoned Buildings

Haunted House

Exploring creepy and abandoned places can be an exciting hobby for some people. But sometimes, these explorations leave people with bone-chilling experiences they won’t soon forget. Individuals recently shared some of these horrible experiences they had exploring abandoned places on an online platform.

1. Hanging Deer Skull From the Bridge 

dead animal skull in forest
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One respondent shared that they and their cousins were wandering on a sunny day. While wandering, they reached an abandoned bridge. Soon they saw a huge skull of deer hanging with metal wire from the bridge. The smell of the skull was unbearable. One noticed an axe stuck in the tree stump; getting closer, they realized it was the leg of a deer pointed straight up to the sky. 

2. Abandoned Asylum and Raccoons

Inside of old creepy abandoned mansion. Silhouette of horror ghost standing on castle stairs to the basement. Spooky dungeon stone stairs in old castle with light. Horror Halloween concept
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One girl shared that she explored an abandoned building with a large basement. The building was ruined, but the basement was still present. She once visited it for an adventure. But it turned out to be a tragedy. She got stuck in the basement, and some “raccoon face thing” was chasing her. 

3. Abandoned Grain Silo and a Mystery Bag

Spooky black and white photo of grain elevator and railroad with flock of black birds.
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One valuable participant shares a terrifying experience. There was an abandoned grain silo a mile away from their residency. The commenter has to pass it every day to go to work. Once late at night, a bag was placed just on the way. After coming close and opening the bag, they revealed that it was a head of a goat soaked in fresh blood. The scene was very scary, he stated.

4. Abandoned Cookie Factory and a Tall T-Rex

Old abandoned factory
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Every abandoned place has a story to tell. One individual shared that he encountered a scary scene in a cookie factory that had been abandoned 10 years ago. It was a dark place. He visited the place along with friends and got his leg stuck on the ladder. After that, they claim to witness a 6 feet t-Rex, left over from an old children’s museum exhibit.

5. Abandoned Barracks from World War II

an old abandoned building in winter in the woods
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A commenter shares that they decided to visit old barracks that were used in World War II with a group of friends. They went deep into the woods to find them. Instead, they found a huge unknown building in the center of the deep woods. They entered the building and heard a wild male screaming voice that scared everyone. They took off running without looking back. “We must have run for a solid ten minutes straight without even stopping.”

6. Horrible Experience of Central Soya Factory

Soy bean, close up. Open green soybean pod on dry soy beans background. Green soybean pod on dry soy beans background.
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One respondent commented on her horrible experience of a visit to an abandoned soya factory. Some friends planned to visit the place for an adventure. The building was isolated from the world and strange graffiti covered every square inch. The commenter said they heard a voice whisper, “Hey.” Nothing else, but at that moment the wind stopped and the whole place went dead still, demon-possession horror movie style.

7. Isolated Old and Dumped Mine

Black stone mining area
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Another explorer stated that being an abandoned place explorer, it was their main job to explore such creepy places. They explored a mine with torches, a headlamp, and a portable flashlight. But one time, a sudden darkness appeared in a room, and all their things stopped working. They couldn’t find anything in their bag; the flashlight would not turn on.  Without light, covered in mud and blood, from hitting their head, they eventually managed to escape. 

8. An Abandoned Hospital

Volterra, Italy - December 2016: Abandoned psychiatric hospital. It was home to more than 6,000 mental patients but was shut down in 1978 because its practices were deemed cruel. Volterra, 2016
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An adventurer and his friends used to play in an abandoned hospital during the daytime. Once they decided to spend a night here. When they reached it, though, a big black bag was lying in it, which was never seen before. One of them kicked the bag to check what was inside. A tall scary man came out of the bag, screaming at them, and chasing them. That becomes the last day to visit that hospital.

9. An Abandoned House on a Beach

Old boat house on the shores of Trondheimsfjorden, Norway.
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According to another person, they decided to hike the coast in winter alone. After reaching it, they noticed a frightening old abandoned mansion. They got close and heard the sound of doors opening and closing. They ran away, only to find an older man watching them from down the beach. They left the place instantly, and after running 5 minutes, they saw a lighthouse full of white hand prints. They then heard a man screaming loudly.

10. A Creepy House

Haunted House
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One individual stated that he was fond of exploring abandoned places. But he left this hobby when he visited a creepy house with his friend. It was a two-story building. He ignored the first story and went upstairs. On the backside of a strange drawing, someone had written his last name, ‘Hi Smacky.’

Source: Reddit.

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