10 Outdated Gadgets We Just Can’t Let Go Of

Young curly woman refueling car at gas station

These inventions of the past may seem outdated in today’s fast-paced digital age, but they bring back memories of a simpler time. Recently, people on an online platform share some of their favorite gadgets they just can’t let go of, despite not being especially useful anymore.


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Sony is keen on introducing new consoles, but gamers can’t get enough of their PlayStation 2. An avid gamer stated that he has all the Playstations, but if he were trapped on an island with only one console, PS2 would be it. Other users have agreed that the legacy of Playstation 2 remains bright to date, and they aren’t expensive to get either.

Physical Buttons

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The controversy between physical buttons and the touchscreen is igniting for quite some time now. While the modern era keeps pointing towards the digitalization of things and suggests letting go of the past, some people on the internet have different opinions. They believe that not everything has to be touchscreen. For instance, car radio buttons, AC controls, etc. Can’t have the feeling of pumping the music up if it’s not a knob.

Petrol/Diesel Cars

Young curly woman refueling car at gas station
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With the evolving world, the ecosystem of automobiles is significantly changing, and modern electric-powered cars are being introduced. With that being said, some are favoring this evolution while others aren’t in favor of vehicles being Electricity powered. 

A user stated that the growling sound of the engine is what makes it more like a car, and when compared to an EV, it’s just a silent metal body.


Rows of music cds with speakers
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We all might have been able to play our favorite music on CDs, but future generations can’t benefit from this majestic invention. A nostalgic enthusiast shared that the great thing about CDs becoming outdated is how cheap they are on eBay now. He added that albums he couldn’t afford a brand new ten years ago are just a few bucks. There’s also a beautiful charm to taking out the booklet in each CD case and reading the lyrics, acknowledgments, and exclusive notes put there by the band.


Businessman checking time from watch
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A user stated that watches were meant to tell the time only, and if it shows a date, that’s more than enough. He further added that everyone has the right to have their own opinion and that the classic old-school watches really set the vibe. 

Other commenters have agreed that modern smartwatches work great, too, but those classic analog watches have their legacy.

Dial Phone

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Dial phones are pretty outdated now with the continuous evolution of mobile phones. However, many offices still use them. A lady on the thread also shared that she loves her personal dial phone and will never get rid of it. The phone’s in her kitchen; it’s yellow, and her grandpa built a little wooden picket fence around it with fake flowers in tiny clay pots. Who else misses the warm static sounds?


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“A calculator. You know – with buttons and a screen,” was one of the most popular answers. Another user replied, “Honestly a standard scientific calculator is just easier to use than your phone’s built-in scientific calculator.”


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Radio was another popular answer. “Baseball on the radio is an unparalleled vibe. Bonus points for the window open and a warm breeze rolling in on a sunny day in late spring. Another person added, “
Same. I can’t stand listening to the same artist or genre over and over. I also switch between genres and listen to NPR so actual radio lets me scan between stations or instantly change if I don’t like a song or station. I hate hearing the same 3 commercials on Spotify when I use that, and I don’t listen to enough music to justify paying.”

Wired Earphones

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No fears of losing them; they are relatively cheap, and there is no need to charge. These are some of the benefits of wired earphones and why some people won’t part with them despite the option of wireless headphones. Another user added, “Wired headphones aren’t outdated. They literally have fewer points of failure and offer better sound quality with less lag.”


School notebook with glasses and coffee on table
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Notebooks are getting outdated now with the digital evolution. A lady said she loves writing on notebooks. Those with sheets of paper are collected together, and you write with a pen. She added that writing with a pen in a notebook gives elite pleasure as you swiftly move your hands through the page.

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