10 Positive Traits Younger Generations Can Learn from Boomers

neighbors middle aged man and woman chatting near the fence in the village

This article explores 10 positive traits that younger generations can learn from the Baby Boomer generation (born between 1946 and 1964). By acknowledging and appreciating these attributes, we aim to bridge the generational gap and promote understanding. From resilience and work ethic to community engagement and resourcefulness, these qualities serve as valuable lessons for a brighter future and foster intergenerational collaboration.

1. Immediate Replies Are Not Important

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One of the best things about Boomers is that they do not use mobile phones 24/7. This is a positive trait that the current generation should adopt from their grandparents.

2. Direct Your Life On Your Own Terms

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One girl commented that her grandfather was on his deathbed. She asked him about the secret of a successful career. He advised her to direct her life on her own. “Do not let people lead you or your life. Do not depend on circumstances. Create your opportunities and chase them. Do whatever you like instead of what people like.” This is a valuable lesson to live by.

3. Being On Time For Things

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Being punctual is an essential trait that people can learn from Boomers. By valuing and practicing timeliness, individuals gain respect for other people’s time and commitments, fostering positive relationships and a sense of reliability. Furthermore, punctuality reflects discipline and a strong work ethic, instilling the importance of responsibility and accountability in one’s personal and professional life.

4. DIY Hacks

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One user brought up an interesting point, saying, “Older generations were far more DIY when it came to pretty much everything. Building, repairing, cooking, etc.” This is something the younger generation could adopt more of to save money.

5. Fix Things Instead of Replacing Them

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Today’s common practice is to purchase new things instead of considering them to repair. Many Boomers used to repair things at home. One commenter added that their parents have used the same set of pans for more than 50 years. The logic of their parents is that “There’s nothing wrong with them so why would we get new ones.”

6. Face-to-Face Interactions

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Back in the day, there were no mobile phones for calling or texting. Thus, whenever there was a need for communication, it was only in person. Face-to-face communication has gestures, body language, and emotions. The point of view can be delivered fully. But using a phone, the chances of misconception are always higher. It is good to conduct important meetings in-person and practice talking with people face-to-face.

7. Connection With Neighbors

neighbors middle aged man and woman chatting near the fence in the village
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In past times neighbors were treated just like relatives. Everyone was aware of who their neighbors were. They shared their sad and happy moments. But, in this era, people do not even consider how important it is to get to know their neighbors. Youngsters must learn the importance of caring for neighbors from their grandparents.

8. Reusing Things

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Older generations are very adept at reusing things. Jam and glass jars were reused to store spices, and fiber bags were used for groceries. Old clothes were turned into dusting napkins. Soda bottles were used to fill with water. But this advanced technology has shifted everything to brand new things. Even dusting clothes are available in stores. Younger generations should adapt to reusing items more to save money.

9. Let Your Kids Socialize

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One commenter stated, “As someone raised by Boomers – letting your kids have free reign to go into the outside world to mess up/forcing them to socialize. I know too many under-socialized, scared kids nowadays, who can’t be disconnected from their electronic devices without having a literal meltdown.” Many people agreed with this and say it’s important kids these days learn how to properly socialize with other people.

10. Having Conversations Instead of Using Google

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One man stated that his parents (ages 55-65) do not use Google. It is not like they do not know how to use it. They know; they just do not use it. They call their relatives for opinions or suggestions whenever they want to ask anything. Their logic is only man can understand the other man. 

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