10 Unexpected Items You Should Always Pack for a Trip

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Are you packing ahead for another trip? If you repeatedly say, “What am I forgetting?” It’s high time to make a list of must-have items for the toiletries bag. Starting with this lifesaver:

Dryer Sheets

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Bet you’re oblivious to the magic of dryer sheets. Pop them in your bag, as they can be used in multiple ways. Is your hair starting to frizz due to unexpected weather? Rub it smooth with the dryer sheet. Clothes in your luggage stink? Dryer sheets can help mask the odor.

Binder Clips

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Now you must be wondering, “huh, what do these have any place in my luggage?”. Binder clips can be helpful when a suitcase rips as they keep it secure until you get home. Also, if you’re staying at a hotel, these binder clips will give you a little privacy by keeping curtains shut.

Ear Plugs

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Most people forget to take their earplugs when traveling, but have you considered why they are so important? Imagine a plane full of noisy passengers or a noisy hotel room neighbor—earplugs to the rescue!

Antibacterial Wipes

Coronavirus COVID-19 Prevention cleaning woman wiping doorknob with antibacterial disinfecting wipe for killing corona virus on touching surfaces or touching public bathroom handle with tissue.
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When you’re traveling, public spaces are booming with germs. And if you are a clean freak, a wet wipe will do you good. Clean toilet seats, basins, and every other surface, and don’t worry about disposal. Ah, no more worrying about dirty restrooms anymore.

Baby Powder

August 25, 2022, Brazil. In this photo illustration, a person uses Johnson Johnson baby powder on their hands. The company will suspend the sale of the product from 2023
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Baby Power, seriously? Yes! This small item can make a difference in your trip experience. If you are going out in summer, use this to prevent chafing. And if you spill food on your clothes, it can absorb the oils from your stained clothes. It even works as a dry shampoo for greasy hair. Whatever you do, don’t forget to bring the baby powder.

Nail Clipper And File

Nail Clipper And Filer
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A toiletry bag is incomplete without this nail combo. Getting a hang nail while traveling? Yikes, that sounds terrible.

Reusable Shopping Bag

Canvas bag, Cloth bags instead of plastic bags in shopping for the environment.
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A foldable reusable shopping bag takes up minimal space but can be a lifesaver when you need an extra bag for souvenirs, groceries, or separating dirty laundry.

Multitool or Swiss Army Knife

Samara, Russia - February 2021. Victorinox Spartan Swiss Army red folding knife isolated on white
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You never know when you might need a small tool for repairs, opening packages, or even preparing a quick meal. Just make sure to pack it in your checked luggage if you’re flying.

Ziplock Bags

Phoenix, Arizona, June 15, 2020: Ziploc Sandwich Bags
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These versatile bags can be used for storing snacks, keeping wet clothes separate from dry ones, organizing small items, or even as a makeshift waterproof phone case.

Microfiber Towel

Microfiber towel for fitness and outdoor walks.
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These towels are lightweight, compact, and dry quickly, making them perfect for travel. They’re great for unexpected rain, impromptu beach trips, or staying in hostels where towels might not be provided.

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