12 Beach-Goers Reveal the One Thing They Hate About Beaches

Baby girl crying, sitting on the sand at the beach near the ocean.Toddler is unhappy and having tantrum

Stepping onto the beach feels like entering a paradise in full relaxation mode. Little do we know it’s a worldly paradise where annoyance is handy. Beach lovers know what I am talking about. The sand of irritation comes when you apply the river of sunscreen yet somehow get sunburned at the end of the day. Surprise!

An online platform asked the beach-lovers to reveal one thing they hate about beaches. Here are some of the popular responses. 

1. Nasty Itchy Spots – The Unexpected Gift

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The sneaky dark side of the beach reminds us to bring itchy cream along. The first beachgoer shared the painful experience, stating that these nasty spots from sea lice are so irritating and unfortunate that one becomes a scratching machine. It kills the whole ‘fun on the beach’ vibe. 

2. The Salt Water

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Another stated that the salt water is stingy. On the one hand, it feels like a refreshing hug; on the other hand, it is as clingy as a cat that won’t leave your body. It is more like a complicated love-hate relationship.

3. The Hugging Sand 

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Not every beach-going person loves sand; I know it’s a hard truth to engulf. People go to the beach thinking they will enjoy the clear skies but end up wrestling sand. It’s frustrating that no matter how much you shake it off, it still creeps back to you with a never-ending hug.

4. Jellyfish – The Anti-Fun

Jellyfish on the shore of the beach. Jellyfish sting
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Who knew these tiny creatures possessed the magic power to convert people into tip-toe dancers? Getting stung by the jellyfish is like winning a painful lottery. The jellyfish are the anti-fun creatures who keep you on your toes.

5. Storm of People

Crowded beach in summer
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An introvert wrote that storms of people on the beaches make one wonder if everyone wanted to have a beach day on the same day. It is a treasure hunt to find a quiet spot to relax. And when you get to a less crowded place to rest, the concert of people screaming at kids will humble you.

6. The Unpleasant Aroma

Smells bad, awful odor. Young student girl with hair bun in casual t-shirt squeezing nose with fingers, looking in camera with disgust expression, eager to slip away from bad smell indoors
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Ah, the smell on the beach comes like a wave of surprise that takes your nostrils on a ride. It is a reminder that the beach is not a perfect picture of the view, waves, and the sun, but it has its unexpected and unpleasant aromas that one might not like; at the end of the day, you do get to enjoy the view despite the fish market fragrance.

7. The Lack of Shade

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A respondent shares that hide and seek with the sun is quite exhausting. Searching for shade is a treasure hunt. The quest ends when the sun turns out to be the winner leaving one like a roasted kebab. So, one should savor when they find shade because it is rare.

8. Molten Sandy Sunscreen

Woman applying sunscreen on a sunny day
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Picture using loads and loads of sunscreen only to get it mixed with the sand, making it sticky and irritable. This sure tests one’s patience. As the day ends, one turns out to be a warrior who stands with courage and has a fantastic beach story to tell.

9. Filthy Bathrooms

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An esteemed follower shares that having few bathrooms filled with filth is disappointing. Lacking hygiene is a total turn-off for a beautiful destination. Undoubtedly, facing a dirty toilet is a survival skill few people possess.

10. Swimsuits

Beautiful female yellow swimsuit, glasses and cream on the beach. Summer vacation resort
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A woman expresses her hate for swimsuits and shares that it is a mystery to put on those beach costumes. Once you put it on, self-consciousness tags along like a mate, making sure you consciously think about your unshaped body, making you uncomfortable rather than enjoying the water. Everyone on the beach comes to relax rather than being judged, or body shamed, and that stage fright one might feel is temporary. You must take the first step towards self-love by having the courage to embrace your body.

11. Windburn

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A person states that windburn is the worst to experience on a beach. Imagine going to a beach for fun and returning with a cheek red like a hot plate. It’s a mild discomfort that one wishes to peel off the skin and trade for a new one. It is like a souvenir for greeting Mother Nature that tests your restraint limit.

12. Abandoned Trash

Spilled garbage on beach of big city. Empty used dirty plastic bottles. Dirty sea sandy shore the Black Sea. Environmental pollution. Ecological problem. Bokeh moving waves in the background
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Another individual shared that he hates seeing trash everywhere on the beach. It is sad to see the piles of garbage left behind by the visitors on the beach. Every piece of trash that we leave behind poses a threat to the lives of tiny creatures. Moreover, it also fades away the beauty of the beach. Leave the footprints, not trash should be the beach slogan.

Source: Reddit

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