Gone in a Blink: 12 Unexpected Partner Confessions That Led to Ghosting

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Everyone is searching for their soul mate in this evolving yet complicated world of love and relationships. Relationships can be unpredictable; partners often share their opinions, thoughts, and even the dark aspects of life with the person they love. Recently, on an online platform, people asked about their experience of ghosting somebody due to unsettling truths.

1. Safe Escape From a Convicted Man

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An esteemed follower revealed that she found some disturbing facts about the person she was seeing. She pulled a rabbit out of the hat with the jaw-dropping revelation that the alleged person had been in prison recently on felony charges of implanting a bomb under the car of his ex-wife’s boyfriend. It shows a significant concern about his character, and we are glad she ghosted him while she could.

2. Irresponsible Jerk

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Another follower mentioned that she was in the middle of a relationship drama without signing up for it. She had started dating a man whose ex-wife called out of the blue inquiring about her ex-husband because he had a meeting with his kids. Little did she know that he had used her name to escape the situation and never visited his children. Who ditches his children to get into new relationships? That was a red flag there, and then she ghosted him and never looked back. More power to you, girl!

3. Extra-Marital Affair

Love triangle, a girl is hugging a guy and he is holding hands with another girl, they are sitting together on a bench
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A contributor shared that she dated a master of disguise who kept his dual personality hidden for so long without thinking of the consequences. The news of him being married and having two kids was nothing less than a bombshell she learned about a month later and then wondered why she didn’t find it sooner. People are flawlessly good at deceiving others with looks and charm.

4. The Perpetrator Of Revenge Porn

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A heart-pounding revelation by a person had us all shaken to our core. She googled a guy before going on a date and found that he had recently been in prison for uploading naked pictures of his ex-girlfriend just for revenge. How can someone stoop that low? She dodged a bullet there.

5. An Abuser

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An informant says she ghosted a man after knowing he had hit his mother. Physical violence towards one’s family members, especially one’s mother, is disturbing. Dating someone with a history of violence is like entering a fire by choice. We are happy that she was mature enough to walk a different pathway.

6. A Body Shamer

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An esteemed follower shared her experience that she found a date on an online app and clicked her way through his socials, where she stumbled upon a picture that made her realize he was not worth it. He dared to body-shame another woman by posting a screenshot of her profile. She stood him up; Aah, what sweet revenge!

7. Mensuration-Phobe

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It is heart-wrenching when people show zero humility towards a woman’s challenges every month regarding periods. A person shares her encounter with a man who said that periods are disgusting and women should suck up the pain during this time. His disturbing and disrespectful remarks against women’s issues are highly triggering. She ghosted him, and rightly so because nobody has the right to make you feel like an insignificant being. Moreover, she elaborates that she stood up for herself by letting him know afterward that he was way out of line.

8. A Misogynist Creep

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A woman recalls her encounter with a man who sl*t shames women for having sexual desires. How ironic is this? It highlights the double standards of the patriarchal society that first objectifies women as sex objects and then are shamed when they dare to express their desires. The culture emphasizes empowering women but being within the boundaries.

9. Paradoxical Views About Females

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Exasperated by the existing reality, a follower states that some boys still seek a nymphomaniac virgin. Seeing society’s double standards is like banging one’s head against the wall. How alarming is this that we still live in an era where such expectations persist? Society itself paints women as mere objects that men desire; while demanding them to get their innocence intact. A paradoxical attitude towards a woman’s sexuality prevails.

10. The Sister Man

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Another shocking incident revealed by an individual left us all questioning the essence of human nature. She recalled that she dated a man who used to be close with his sister, who now lived in another state. She expresses shock that he asked her to do telesex and pressured her to act like his sister. Creepy enough?? Glad that she waved him bye-bye before it was too late.

11. Homophobe

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 One claimed she was about to date a famous TikToker banned for his homophobe content and creepy child jokes. She had a rude awakening from her mother, who showed her the reality check. In all bad situations, moms are always to the rescue.

12. The Toxic-Ex

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A woman shares her heart-wrenching experience where his ex-boyfriend compared her with every existing woman and often belittled her for not wearing designer clothes to the dates. It took her a long time to break free from the chains of the toxic relationship.

Source: Reddit

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