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10 Major Fashion Brands People Avoid Due To Their Frustrating Return Policies

Returns are an inevitable part of the shopping experience, but for some brands, their frustrating return policies can cause major headaches for customers. Lately, on a digital forum, hordes of individuals have been airing their grievances about diverse brands and their unbending protocols. 1. Aritzia A single discontented soul spilled the beans about their irritating…

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10 Instagram Fashion Trends That Just Do Not Work in Real Life

On social media, particularly on Instagram, fashion trends rapidly emerge. With influencers and celebrities setting the stage, it’s easy to get trapped in the charm of these trends. However, as many have experienced, not all Instagram fashion trends seamlessly translate into real-life fashion statements. Let’s look at the candid opinions of individuals who have encountered…

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Aerial panorama of the Cedar Point peninsula at dusk, in Sandusky, Ohio, on the Erie lake.

No Passport Required: 12 of the Best Islands to Experience in the Continental United States

Looking for an island getaway that doesn’t require a passport? The continental United States has some amazing islands that are perfect for a vacation. From the wild horses of Assateague Island to the charming streets of Martha’s Vineyard, there is something for everyone. Recently, people shared some of the best islands in the continental US….

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