11 Controversial Fashion Trends for Men That Spark Outrage

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In the ever-evolving world of fashion, trends come and go, and everyone has their own personal preferences. Let’s look at the opinions of fashion-conscious individuals as they share their thoughts on current fashion trends for men that they dislike. 

1. Stupid Sesame Street Bert Haircut

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One Fashion Connoisseur states that the “Ridiculous Sesame Street Bert Haircut” trend is bothersome. They dislike this hairstyle commonly seen among youthful fashionistas, comparing it to the iconic character from Sesame Street. It appears to them as a peculiar choice, not something they find appealing or stylish.

2. Broccoli Hair and Frog Voice Combo

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Another trend observer remarks on the “Leafy Green Hair and Croaky Voice Combo,” referring to a particular fashion trend. They express their distaste for individuals who sport a specific hairstyle resembling leafy greens and speak in a distinctive throaty voice. This combination is unappealing and lacks aesthetic appeal.

3. Disapproval of Male Jewelry Marketing

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In a nuanced perspective, fashion enthusiast expresses their aversion to the marketing and promotion of male adornments rather than the trend itself. They clarify that while they don’t personally prefer jewelry or accessories, they acknowledge that some individuals can pull off the look effectively. However, the aggressive marketing and push for male adornments don’t resonate with their style choices.

4. Lack of Variety in Men’s Formal Wear

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Style enthusiasts are frustrated with the lack of variety in men’s formal wear compared to women’s fashion. They feel that suits and tuxedos have remained relatively unchanged for centuries, while women enjoy many options regarding formal attire. This choice disparity frustrates them as they long for more diversity in men’s formal fashion.

5. Hipster Businessman Look: No Socks, Tight Jeans

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Expressing their dislike, a fashion critic criticizes the combination of dress shoes, tight jeans, and no socks commonly seen in the hipster fashion scene. They find this style unappealing and struggle to find an appropriate term to describe it, labeling it as a “hipster entrepreneur” or something similar.

6. The Decline of Fashionable Shoes

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Another trend watcher laments the increasing unsightliness of shoe trends. They observe a decline in the overall aesthetics of footwear choices and express their disappointment with the current state of men’s shoe fashion.

7.  Pit Vipers Snowboarding Sunglasses

Profile of a female skier in ski goggles in the mountains. A woman in a sports ski jacket and snowboard sunglasses looks away. Sportswear and fashion for winter sports, ski resort
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The Pit Vipers snowboarding sunglasses trend received different reviews from users. A user commented that Pit Vipers or any sunglasses make them feel like they should be snowboarding, but unfortunately, they are in Sacramento. Another person replied their friend gifted them a pair of pit vipers, and they love using it.

8. Short and Tight Two-Piece Suits

Handsome stylish man in beige suit at home sitting on sofa.
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A fashion critic expresses their distaste for the shrunken two-piece suit trend, where suits are intentionally short and tight, giving the impression of borrowing clothing from a younger sibling. They find this style unappealing and question its popularity among some individuals.

9. Heatstroke-Inducing Business Casual Layers

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In a relatable complaint, a style-savvy individual expresses their frustration with the requirement to wear multiple layers of thick clothing for a business casual dress code. They find it uncomfortable and highlight the challenge of dealing with potential heat stroke in such attire.

10. Highwater Skinny Jeans with Dress Shoes

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A fashion maven expresses their dislike and criticizes the combination of highwater skinny jeans with dress shoes. They consider this combination unattractive from a fashion standpoint.

11. Slider Sandals with Long Socks and Man Bags

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A style observer shares their observations on a particular fashion trend in England. They describe the combination of slider sandals with long white sports socks and the occasional addition of a man bag. They find this combination strange and unfamiliar, contrasting it with their fashion preferences.

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