10 Travel Tips Experienced Travelers Proudly Choose to Ignore

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Traveling can be tricky, but it’s a piece of cake for some frequent explorers. These folks have everything figured out, from accommodations and hotspots to cultural notions. Take a closer look at what advice these travelers have calmly ignored and saved themselves from all the fuss. Starting with the first tip:

Tip: Avoid The Local Food

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If you think, “Now that’s a good precautionary tip,” we will stop you immediately. Many travel experts online debated this, saying, “Why travel If you’re not going to try the food?” And we agree with them on this one. After all, foreign destinations are there to explore and embrace local cuisines. Just keep a good supply of over-the-counter medicines, if you know what we mean!

Tip: Take An Unguided Trip

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So many people who have rarely traveled will tell you that those city tours or bus tours are a waste of money. However, avid travelers recommend it, and it will save you a lot of hassle. According to them, you can cover multiple places to sightsee and manage your trip time efficiently.

Tip: Skip the Touristy Spots

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An online commentator who likes to travel says many users told him not to visit the Eiffel Tower when he went to Paris, but he disagrees strongly. What would be a trip to Paris without actually visiting its monument? He believes most places are famous for a reason, and it’s pretty foolish not to see them. We agree!

Tip: Book Hostels Over Hotels

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Travel gurus will insist you book a hostel in order to get to experience a new location properly. Many solo explorers say it’s all nonsense and that avoiding hotel chains is a big mistake. In reality, a private hostel will cost you some big bucks, almost as much as a hotel. Not that there is anything wrong with staying in hostels, but there also isn’t anything wrong (and you’re not less of a traveler) if you stay in a hotel.

Tip: Travel With a Large, High-Quality Hiking Backpack

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Did you buy a mountain-sized hiking backpack because self-proclaimed travel professionals told you so? Yikes, you might be in a sticky situation with a bag that size. A traveler on an online forum says his past experiences have concluded that packing light is critical to ensure comfortable travel. While other travelers say there is nothing wrong with traveling with a rolling bag with wheels – in fact, they find it more comfortable.

Tip: Stay Awake On Flights

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Some say it’s best to avoid sleeping on long international flights so you can sleep at night when you arrive. However, some travelers disagree and say getting a few hours of shuteye on a flight makes the time pass quicker and doesn’t interfere with nightly sleep that much. They recommend taking an over-the-counter sleep aid if you find you have a hard time falling asleep at night in your new time zone.

Tip: Buy a New Travel/Vacation Wardrobe 

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Be honest with yourself. Do you need a day and night outfit for your vacation? The genuine folks will tell you it’s a waste of packing space. Bringing trendy outfits is also a big scam because each piece will add to a heavy suitcase. Instead, pack simple clothes that you’d wear daily. There’s no need to buy a specific “travel wardrobe.”

Tip: Covering Every Destination a Country Has to Offer 

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Most website respondents have said they immediately skip any travel tour that states, “Do X country in ten days.” They mean that a tour or itinerary that plans to include constantly hopping from one place to another ruins the traveling experience. So relax and enjoy your current destination correctly instead of running around tiredly trying to see “everything.”

Tip: Follow The Locals

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Sometimes, staying away from the locals and their neighborhoods is best. Those who say it’s an immersive experience must also understand that travelers have noted that these places are often not overly exciting and can be unsafe. Depending on the location, sticking to the normal tourist spots might be best for safety and your overall enjoyment.

Tip: Travel at the “Best” Time of the Year

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This last one is a major debate. However, the travel jet setters swear by off-season traveling. That is because there are fewer crowds when it’s an unpopular time to visit some countries. This obviously means a better trip filled with a peaceful atmosphere. You can also book the hotels with the best views and visit attractions without a huge standby line. What a clever hack to make the most out of your trip!

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