10 Cities People Say They Wouldn’t Move To Even If They Could Live There for Free

Bogota Skyline cityscape in Bogota capital city of Colombia South America

Many cities worldwide possess unique charms and cultural offerings. However, despite that, they may not be everyone’s ideal living destinations for multiple reasons. Recently, on an online platform, people shared the top cities around the world they would not move to even if they didn’t have to pay a cent to live there.

Pyongyang, North Korea

Pyongyang, North Korea - October 9, 2019: Old blue car driving in Pyongyang Street with North Korea Flag
Photo credit: Caminhos me Levem / Shutterstock.com

Many users shared that Pyongyang, the capital of North Korea, is a city where they’d never want to live. While they didn’t mention any specific reason, it’s probably due to the insanely strict government control over the lives of citizens. (We recommend reading Yeonmi Park’s book, “In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom,” for more insight into life in North Korea.)

Port Au Prince, Haiti

PORT-AU-PRINCE, HAITI - 11.01.2015: View of Port au Prince and the Jalousie, an extremely poor district of Pétionville suburb of Port-au-Prince.
Photo credit: yiannisscheidt / Shutterstock.com

Port-au-Prince, the capital of Haiti, is another place where many users wouldn’t want to move. Someone wrote that living there would expose you to the risks of being caught in gang violence and kidnapping for ransom. They further explained that there are even chances of being randomly burned out of your house, all thanks to political instability.

Gary, Indiana

Aerial View of Downtown Gary, Indiana and its Steel Mill.
Photo credit: Jacob Boomsma / Shutterstock.com

As shared by a user, Gary is no less than a haunted city with its abandoned homes and buildings, highlighting the decline in population over the years. Consequently, the violent crime rates are also high in the city, making it unsafe to reside there. Moreover, its economic condition is also shattered, with fewer job opportunities in high-paying sectors.

Chelyabinsk, Russia

Chelyabinsk, Russia – 1 January 2023: old wooden manor with a gate next to a new building.
Photo credit: Anastasiia AE Egorova / Shutterstock.com

A user wrote that they would never live in Chelyabinsk due to its polluted air. They sarcastically remarked that they would prefer breathing in fresh air rather than a mixture of dust and industrial gasses. Other than that, the region’s climate is harsh, which leads to extremely cold winters and hot summers.

Nouakchott, Mauritania

Aerial wide panorama of the west part of Nouakchott, Mauritania At the background appears the Mosque Marocaine
Photo credit: Wirestock Creators / Shutterstock.com

Someone called Nouakchott a dictatorship ****hole where the entire environment seems to be against you. The city has a history of governance issues, and it recently attempted to transition to civilian rule. Moreover, it also faces problems related to environmental degradation, like waste management and the encroachment of deserts.

New Delhi, India

NEW DELHI, INDIA, MARCH, 2019: Delhi City street view from Rajpath 'King's Way' with India Gate in background.
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A user shared that New Delhi’s congested traffic was the major reason behind them not wanting to live in the city. However, replying to them, someone wrote that it has to be the least problematic thing, with high crime rates being the major nuisance. Besides that, the air quality in the region often reaches hazardous levels, leading to respiratory issues in citizens.

Beijing, China

beijing after sunset-night scene of CBD
Photo credit: zhu difeng / Shutterstock.com

An individual who visited Beijing for a week shared that it’s fine if you are in the city for a brief period. However, living there continuously was a big no for them as its atmosphere made them feel claustrophobic. Plus, they also complained about the lack of hygiene. Another user mentioned that the city is a bit cleaner than before, but the air is still tense, specifically during winter.

Dubai, UAE

Bluewaters island and Ain Dubai ferris wheel on in Dubai, United Arab Emirates with JBR beach and Dubai marina aerial skyline cityscape view
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Sharing their thoughts, a person named Dubai as the city they’d not want to move to, even if it were at no cost. The reason? They found it to be artificial, considering the display of extraordinary architecture. Another user wrote that the city might have the tallest building in the world, but it still does not have a proper sewage system.

Bogota, Colombia

Bogota Skyline cityscape in Bogota capital city of Colombia South America
Photo credit: OSTILL is Franck Camhi / Shutterstock.com

A user shared that Bogota is the city where they grew up and that they can even go back to live there. However, they would never want it for several reasons. For example, they said that the traffic in the region annoyed them. Moreover, the prolonged work hours also put them off as they would not find time for their family. Crime is also an issue in Bogota.

Johannesburg, South Africa

Beautiful Johannesburg Skyline
Photo credit: tusharkoley / Shutterstock.com

Johannesburg is another city that’s not worth living, according to a user. Supporting their stance, someone replied that the region has gotten worse with a failing government. According to them, the green spaces have turned into filth with aggressive squatters occupying them. However, another user exchanged their thoughts defending the city. They shared that they grew up there, and it wasn’t that bad.

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