The 12 U.S. Cities Americans Consider the Worst

Charleston, West Virginia, USA skyline on the Kanawha River at dusk.

Some cities in the United States may be less desirable to visit than others, due to crime rates, infrastructure, and cleanliness. Recently on an online platform, Americans have shared their views on the worst big cities in the USA and why they believe so.

1. Jackson, Mississippi

Jackson, Mississippi, USA skyline over the Capitol Building.
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According to a wanderer, Jackson, Mississippi, is the worst city in the USA. They said this is due to the astonishingly high murder rate and crumbling infrastructure. The city’s population, which is roughly 160,000, has been battling poverty and crime for years and has been called one of the deadliest cities in the US. Many residents have expressed concerns about the lack of resources and opportunities available in the city.

2. Shreveport, Louisiana

Shreveport, Louisiana, USA skyline over the Red River at dusk
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The next city, that some residents deemed even worse than Jackson, is Shreveport, Louisiana. The commenters cited high crime rates as the main culprit for their opinions. Shreveport’s murder rate is more than three times the national average in 2022, according to a new report.

3. Stockton, California

Daytime view of the downtown city center of Stockton, California, USA.
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Several Americans boldly proclaimed that Stockton, California, is the most abominable big city in the United States. One local cited the crime rates and the number of homeless as the main reasons to avoid the city. Others also mentioned this was the home of the “Speed Freak Killer”.

4. Camden, New Jersey

Aerial of Camden New Jersey Sunset
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According to a world traveler, Camden, New Jersey, is the most dreadful city in the United States. They recounted a terrifying incident while passing through the area on their way to a concert. While waiting at a red light, a police officer suggested they run red lights in the city and not stop. Upon turning the corner, they saw groups of people waiting for cars to stop, which made them feel uneasy. This experience led the wayfarer to believe that Camden was a dangerous place. Several other commenters voiced similar experiences in the city.

5. East St. Louis, Illinois

Looking towards East St. Louis and the mississippi river flooding from the top of the st louis arch in St. Louis, missouri
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Several adventurers stated that the worst big city in America is East St. Louis. One individual stated, “East St Louis is the only city I’ve been in where a cop told me to run every stop sign until I got back to the interstate.” With a population of around 20,000 individuals, East St. Louis has a history of high crime rates, poverty, and economic downturns.

6. Bakersfield, California

Aerial View of Downtown Bakersfield, California Skyline
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When asked about America’s most unpleasant big cities many Americans stated Bakersfield. One adventurer stated it is “Nothing but meth and strip malls.” Others mentioned the poor air quality and high crime rates as reasons to avoid Bakersfield. 

7. Fresno, California

Aerial View of the Fresno, California Skyline at Dusk
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Fresno was frequently mentioned as one of the worst cities, in conjunction with Bakersfield. One commenter said, “Bakersfield: the gateway to Fresno.” Another American, when asked what the worst city in the U.S. is, stated, “Bakersfield or Fresno, pretty sure the devil has part-time vacation homes in both of them.” Fresno has struggled with crime, particularly property crime and violent crime rates which are often higher than the national average.

8. Baltimore, Maryland

Baltimore, Maryland, USA Inner Harbor Skyline Aerial
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Another American shared their perspective on Baltimore as the most dreadful city in the USA. Although they have yet to visit every city in the country, they believe Baltimore could benefit from some improvement. The city’s reputation for high crime rates and poverty has long overshadowed its potential, and despite recent efforts to revitalize the downtown area, Baltimore still faces significant challenges in improving safety and the quality of life for its residents.

9. Gary, Indiana

Aerial View of Downtown Gary, Indiana and its Steel Mill.
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One American said, “It’s the only place I’ve been with barbed wire on the rooftops of fast food restaurants.” Other commenters said law enforcement encouraged them not to stop at the stop signs in Gary city limits, due to safety issues. It has consistently been dubbed one of the most dangerous cities in the country.

10. Miami, Florida

Miami, Florida, USA skyline on Biscayne Bay.
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Several Americans stated Miami is one of the worst cities in the country. One commenter, who grew up in the city, said, “A lot of death and violence happened in our hood. Terrible memories. I lost my dad to that city.” Others expressed their dislike of the hot, humid year-round weather and hurricanes. 

11. New Orleans

Bourbon St, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA cityscape of bars and restaurants at twilight.
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One traveler deemed New Orleans the worst large city in the USA due to the potential danger lurking around every corner. Taking a few wrong turns outside of the main tourist areas can lead to a wild and scary situation. While the city is a popular tourist destination known for its lively music and culture, it also has a reputation for high crime rates and poverty. 

12. Charleston, West Virginia

Charleston, West Virginia, USA skyline on the Kanawha River at dusk.
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Another American deemed Charleston as one of the worst US cities. They claimed Charleston “is a dead zone with a struggling infrastructure and an economy that can’t keep itself afloat.” They also mentioned a severe homeless problem. 

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