Tired of People? 14 of the Most Remote Places in the World to Add to Your Bucket List

Dragon trees on Socotra Island, Yemen

These isolated corners of the world, far from bustling cities and modern amenities, offer a unique opportunity to connect with pristine natural landscapes and cultures that have retained their traditions for generations. In this list, we explore 14 of the most remote places on the planet, each with its own distinct character and isolation. From distant islands in the vast oceans to rugged terrains near the poles, these destinations beckon adventurous travelers to explore their breathtaking beauty and discover the allure of the world’s most remote locations.

Tristan da Cunha, South Atlantic Ocean

Edinburgh, Tristan da Cunha - Nov 21, 2013: Welcome to the Remotest Island touristic signpost and distance fingerposts to other places in the town centre of Edinburgh of the Seven Seas settlement
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Tristan da Cunha is the most remote inhabited archipelago globally, situated in the South Atlantic Ocean. It is part of a British Overseas Territory, and its isolation is due to its location over 2,400 kilometers (1,500 miles) from the nearest inhabited land, Saint Helena. The only way to reach Tristan da Cunha is by a long sea voyage, often taking several days, making it a challenging destination to access.

Easter Island, Chile

Moais of Ahu Tongariki, Easter island, Chile
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Easter Island, or Rapa Nui, is located in the South Pacific Ocean, approximately 3,700 kilometers (2,300 miles) off the coast of Chile. Its remote location contributes to its isolation, as it is one of the most isolated islands on the planet. It is famous for the enigmatic Moai statues, which were created by the ancient Rapa Nui people and have made the island a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Svalbard, Norway

Row of colourful chalet houses in Longyearbyen, Svalbard, the most northery town in the world. Svalbard is a Norwegian archipelago between mainland Norway and the North Pole.
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Svalbard is an archipelago in the Arctic Ocean, situated halfway between mainland Norway and the North Pole. Its isolation is due to its extreme northern location and harsh Arctic climate. Svalbard is known for its stunning polar landscapes, including glaciers, fjords, and unique wildlife, such as polar bears.

Pitcairn Island, British Overseas Territory

Pitcairn Island is a volcanic island and the last British Overseas Territories in the Pacific ocean
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Pitcairn Island is one of the most remote inhabited places in the world. It is part of the British Overseas Territory of Pitcairn, Henderson, Ducie, and Oeno Islands. The island’s isolation is a result of its location in the South Pacific Ocean, over 2,000 kilometers (1,200 miles) from the nearest inhabited land, Tahiti. Visitors can only reach Pitcairn via a long sea voyage, typically requiring several days, making it a challenging and isolated destination to access. The island is known for its unique history as the final home of the Bounty mutineers.


Taktshang Goemba or Tiger's nest Temple the beautiful buddhist temple.The most sacred place in Bhutan is located on the high cliff mountain with sky of Paro valley, Bhutan.
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Bhutan is a landlocked Himalayan kingdom located between India and China. Its isolation is due to its rugged mountainous terrain, which has limited transportation infrastructure. Bhutan’s government has also implemented strict tourist regulations to preserve its unique culture and environment, making it a destination where travelers must follow carefully managed itineraries.

Socotra, Yemen

Dragon trees on Socotra Island, Yemen
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Socotra is an island in the Indian Ocean, part of Yemen. Its isolation is due to its location, approximately 340 kilometers (210 miles) from the Horn of Africa and over 380 kilometers (240 miles) from the Yemeni mainland. Socotra is known for its alien-like landscapes, endemic flora and fauna, and unique cultural heritage.


Snowing Argentine Almirante Brown Station Blue Glacier Mountain Paradise Harbor Bay Antarctic Peninsula Antarctica. Glacier ice blue because air squeezed out of snow.
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Antarctica is the southernmost continent, and its remoteness is a result of its extreme polar environment. Accessible primarily by expedition cruises, this frozen wilderness is isolated due to its distance from any inhabited landmass, with the nearest point being over 1,000 kilometers (620 miles) away.


Picturesque village on coast of Greenland - Colorful houses in Tasiilaq, East Greenland
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Greenland is the world’s largest island, located in the Arctic region. Its remoteness is due to its northern latitude, harsh climate, and vast, uninhabited wilderness. Visitors can explore its remote landscapes, glaciers, and Inuit culture.

Faroe Islands, Denmark

Gasadalur village and its iconic waterfall, Vagar, Faroe Islands, Denmark. Long exposure.
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The Faroe Islands are an archipelago in the North Atlantic Ocean. Their isolation is a result of their location between Iceland and Norway. The rugged and mountainous terrain of the islands, along with limited transport infrastructure, adds to their remote appeal.

Patagonia, Chile and Argentina

Fitz Roy Mountain Patagonia
Photo credit: Sophie Dover // Shutterstock.com

Patagonia is a remote region at the southern tip of South America, spanning both Chile and Argentina. Its isolation comes from its vast and pristine wilderness, including glaciers, mountains, and unique wildlife like the guanaco and puma.

Kamchatka Peninsula, Russia

Russia, Kamchatka. Kronotsky Reserve. The bear sits on the shore of the Kurile lake and looks towards the Ilyinsky volcano.
Photo credit: Aristov_tmb // Shutterstock.com

Kamchatka is a remote, volcanic region in the Russian Far East. Its isolation results from its location on the Pacific Ring of Fire, featuring numerous active volcanoes and geothermal wonders, as well as its rugged landscapes and limited infrastructure.

The Falkland Islands

Thousands of King Penguins run from Katabatic winds in St. Andrews Bay, South Georgia
Photo credit: jo Crebbin // Shutterstock.com

The Falkland Islands are a British Overseas Territory in the South Atlantic Ocean, approximately 480 kilometers (300 miles) from the east coast of Argentina. Their isolation is due to their remote location and unique wildlife, including penguins, seals, and albatrosses.

The Kimberley, Australia

Landscape view at the top of one of the twin King George Falls in flood, Kimberley, Australia
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The Kimberley is a remote region in northwestern Australia, known for its stunning gorges, rugged landscapes, and unique wildlife. Its isolation results from its vast, uninhabited expanses and challenging terrain.


Man watching Aurora borealis in lapland winter
Photo credit: Wiljami Howe // Shutterstock.com

Lapland is a remote region in Northern Europe, spanning parts of Sweden, Norway, and Finland. Its remoteness comes from its Arctic location, with vast wilderness and the unique culture of the indigenous Sami people.

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