10 Countries People Say Are Portrayed Unfairly by the Media

Beautiful Iranian girl wearing abaya with arms up happy - Shah (Imam) Mosque (Jameh Abbasi Mosque), Imam mosque in Naghsh-i Jahan Square - Isfahan, Iran,

Scrolling through our phones each day or sitting in front of television screens, we see the world through the lens of the media. Little do we know we are exposing ourselves to one-sided stories told by the media. People have expressed their opinions unreservedly about the countries that the media have unfairly portrayed on an online platform.

1. Ethiopia: Unveiling Diversity & Rich Culture

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia - October 2017: Panorama of the Capital City of Ethiopia, Addis Ababa
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A well-informed person commented that the stereotypical portrayal of Ethiopia, which mainly focuses on hunger and war in the region, is so unfair. It is a diverse country with a rich culture and many good areas to cover, but what good comes from that? Showing the famines and huts and telling people how poor the country is would increase the ratings. Media never fails to amaze us.

2. Kazakhstan: Breaking Borat Misconceptions

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An individual said that Kazakhstan, in this age and time, is still represented as a backward place run by old nomads roaming the land on horses and people living in huts wearing mustaches and speaking in weird accents. This is mainly thanks to the movie, “Borat.” Who would believe that people eat in fancy restaurants and have unique weddings? Why cover that when you can increase ratings by spreading misconceptions? 

3. Rwanda: Rising From Tragedy

Kigali, Rwanda - August 19 2022: Kigali Convention Centre on a sunny day. The facility, designed after the inside of a king's palace, hosts a variety of events
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When it comes to African countries, many of us are aware of the clichés set by the media. An African citizen explicitly told how his beloved land of Rwanda rose from ashes after a tragedy on the way to progress but is still known as primitive and backward. The same old tragedy is often shown in the media, which is tragic. He further stated that the country is safer than most of the cities in America, but this side is not recognized.

4. Antarctica: Getting Warmer Each Day

Snowing Argentine Almirante Brown Station Blue Glacier Mountain Paradise Harbor Bay Antarctic Peninsula Antarctica. Glacier ice blue because air squeezed out of snow.
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An individual with wit mentioned that the media declares Antarctica very cold and filled with ice. Still, that situation is getting better each day…

5. Mexico: Beyond Drugs & Crime

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A respondent replied that there is more to Mexico than drugs and criminals. It is misrepresentation and discrimination towards specific communities which leads to hatred and has lasting effects. People often call out Mexicans being drug addicts or criminals because that is what the media has enrooted in our minds, and we with same hatred without knowing the complete picture.

6. Iran: Unraveling Misconceptions

Beautiful Iranian girl wearing abaya with arms up happy - Shah (Imam) Mosque (Jameh Abbasi Mosque), Imam mosque in Naghsh-i Jahan Square - Isfahan, Iran,
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One of the most misrepresented countries is Iran. A critic wrote that spreading misconceptions about Islamic countries is the media’s favorite script. Iran is a beautiful country with great music, a media industry, and fantastic restaurants. Still, for the press, it’s the land of never-ending deserts with mullahs roaming the land with camels and giving sermons. 

7. India: Magical Sights Beyond Bollywood

Varanasi, India - November 11, 2015. Showing the colorful traditional clothing and Hindu religious ritual of bathing in the Ganges River from the ancient ghats of Varanasi.
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A well-informed commenter replied that fabricated tales about India are wild. Media portrays India through the lens of Bollywood, but that’s not reality. He further expressed that the Indians do not give up everything to follow the maniacal rituals, and not every Indian food is spicy. 

8. Brazil: Challenging Cultural Stereotypes

Salvador, Brazil
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Whenever we talk about Brazil, the image of dancing and celebrating pops up. A commenter describes the exact feeling of how exasperating it is to express one’s country by stereotypes. Brazil is filled with people who lead normal lives and are not constantly partying and celebrating. Media indirectly plays with the people’s minds without them even knowing, and the masses mindlessly accept the narratives.

9. China: Unmasking Distorted Perceptions

Chengdu, China - November 19th 2019: Bustling Sichuan Hotpot Restaurant with red Lanterns
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A contributor wrote that the depiction of China by the media is misleadingly disturbing. The people are humble and welcoming towards foreigners, unlike what the media portrays. Also, not every Chinese is a master in kung fu and has a mystical dragon hidden up his sleeve.

10. Romania: Not Nearly as Bad as Portrayed

Brasov, Transylvania. Romania. The medieval Castle of Bran, known for the myth of Dracula.
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Another traveler stated that Romania is not nearly as bad as the media portrays. “Yeah, there are some bad places, but it’s definitely not a third-world country as it’s often portrayed as.” Another resident stated, “It can be bad in some areas where poverty is rampant (thinking of Vaslui here, or other very poor areas). It’s not “favellas bad”. There is no gun violence here. You don’t have the risk of getting mugged or car-jacked at gunpoint or knife.”

Source: Reddit

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