10 of the Worst U.S. States To Visit, According to Americans

Welcome to Sweet Home Alabama Road Sign along Interstate 10 in Robertsdale, Alabama USA, near the State Border with Florida

Many Americans have traveled across the country and have opinions on which state is the worst to visit. Some states have been deemed less desirable than others, whether it’s due to a lack of attractions or cultural diversity, high cost of living, or just an overall creepy vibe. Let’s see what Americans have shared on an online platform discussion.

1. Iowa: Not A Lot Going On

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While Iowa might be a mighty fine place to live, Americans did not deem it worthy of visiting. This is mainly due to its lack of popular tourist attractions, and bustling cities. The state also experiences cold winters and hot summers, which might deter travelers who prefer more temperate climates.

2. West Virginia: Creepy Vibes

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When discussing the worst state to visit in the U.S., one American didn’t hesitate to name West Virginia as their pick. Despite feeling guilty about their opinion due to the state’s existing issues, this user couldn’t ignore the eerie and unsettling vibes they experienced while passing through certain parts of West Virginia. It wasn’t just a stereotype from “Deliverance,” but a feeling they had every time they visited.

3. Kansas: A Poverty-Stricken Place

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According to a blunt and opinionated resident in Kansas, their state is nothing more than a “drug-ridden ****hole with no hope and few job opportunities that don’t involve working yourself into an early grave.” The small towns are dominated by a handful of businesses and an overwhelming number of churches, leaving little room for diversity or growth. With six churches and only four businesses in their town alone, this user isn’t exactly singing praises for their state.

4. Oklahoma: A Vast Emptiness

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For one American, Oklahoma is a vast emptiness that is disappointing to visit. After a four-hour drive through the state, they only came across the ruins of dilapidated houses in empty fields and a measly four towns. There needed to be more to see or experience, making it an uneventful and lackluster journey.

5. Florida: Because It’s Florida

Orlando, Florida. January 11, 2019 Entrance Arch of Walt Disney Theme Parks at Lake Buena Vista area .
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Some might think of Florida as a tourist paradise, but for some Americans, it’s the worst state to visit due to its reputation for strange happenings. From alligator attacks to bizarre news stories, Florida has become the butt of jokes and the epitome of weirdness. 

6. New Mexico: A Whole Scam

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According to a local, the worst state to visit is New Mexico, and they don’t mince words. It’s a “whole {explextive} scam” with high prices even at popular burger joints. The lack of attractions is disappointing, leaving only the sunsets as a redeeming quality, so the user joined the military to escape the state entirely.

7. Texas: Big Egos, Unearned Pride

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While Texas may have plenty of attractions, a savvy user believes it’s the worst state to visit due to the oversized egos and unearned pride of those who live there. Sure, there are plenty of things to see and do, but this user finds the inflated sense of Texan pride off-putting and a barrier to a more enjoyable travel experience.

8. California: The Worst State?

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According to one well-traveled individual, California is the worst state to visit out of the 48 states they’ve visited. While they didn’t explicitly state the reason for their opinion, the high cost of living, traffic congestion, and overcrowding in some areas contributed to their assessment.

9. New York: A Costly Visit

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For one person, even visiting New York is not worth the continually rising cost of living, making it the worst state to visit. They believe the expenses outweigh the experience, leaving little to no reason to visit.

10. Alabama: No Infrastructure, No Culture

Welcome to Sweet Home Alabama Road Sign along Interstate 10 in Robertsdale, Alabama USA, near the State Border with Florida
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Alabama doesn’t impress this American who believes it’s the worst state to visit due to poor infrastructure, lack of culture, and tourist attractions. Additionally, the state’s roads and transportation systems need improvement, further solidifying this user’s opinion to skip Alabama altogether.

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