12 Absolutely Incredible Road Trips You Can Take in the United States

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The magic lies in the freedom that road trips offer—the freedom to choose your own venture, escape the hustle and bustle of busy life, and sink into nature’s beauty. An online platform asked its viewers about the best road trip in the U.S.A., and people poured their hearts out in suggesting some amazing road trips.

1. Route 66 – Chicago to Santa Monica

Scenic panoramic view of long straight road on famous Route 66 with historical street signs and paintings in classic american wild western mountain scenery in beautiful golden evening light at sunset
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Known as the “Main Street of America,” Route 66 is a legendary highway that stretches from Chicago, Illinois, to Santa Monica, California. This iconic road trip offers a nostalgic journey through classic Americana, small towns, and diverse landscapes.

2. The Blue Ridge Parkway

Road through the Blue Ridge Parkway mountains of North Carolina during the Fall.
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Another fantastic road trip in the United States is the Blue Ridge Parkway. The Blue Ridge Parkway is often considered one of the most scenic drives in the country, winding its way through the Appalachian Highlands and offering stunning views of the Blue Ridge Mountains. The Blue Ridge Parkway is especially captivating during the fall when the foliage changes colors, creating a vibrant and breathtaking landscape. It’s a great road trip for those who enjoy nature, hiking, and the serene beauty of the Appalachian Mountains. 

3. Pacific Coast Highway

Scenic panoramic view of historic Bixby Creek Bridge along world famous Highway 1 in beautiful golden evening light at sunset with dramatic cloudscape in summer, Monterey County, California, USA
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A road trip lover suggested the Pacific Coast Highway; driving along the coast of California is no doubt a breathtaking sight. The Pacific Coast Highway, also known as California State Route 1 or simply PCH, is a scenic highway that runs along the Pacific Ocean coastline in California, USA. It’s renowned for its breathtaking views, winding roads, and access to numerous beaches and landmarks. As you embark on the beautiful journey, the coast offers a charming coastal town with beaches and cliffs.

4. St. Louis to New Orleans through Nashville

New Orleans, Louisiana, USA at St. Louis Cathedral and Jackson Square.
Editorial credit: Sean Pavone / Shutterstock.com

Another enthusiast recommended St. Louis to New Orleans through the Nashville route. According to him, The Nashville Route offers a captivating journey east of St. Louis, leading to the vibrant city of New Orleans. Explore the rich history and culture of cities like Birmingham, Mobile, and Biloxi while capturing unforgettable moments through your lens. Get ready for an enchanting ride of scenic beauty and captivating experiences.

5. San Diego to Seattle

Seattle, Washington, USA downtown skyline.
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An individual writes that the best road trip is from sunny San Diego to charming Seattle through I-5-N. You’ll see the beauty of the West Coast as you pass through different cities and states. Enjoy San Diego’s beaches, explore the glitz of Los Angeles, and visit California’s wine country. Oregon’s forests and coastal views will amaze you. Finally, reach Seattle’s iconic landmarks and experience the stunning natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest. This journey promises a mix of city vibes, scenic drives, and beautiful coasts. Get excited about this unforgettable adventure!

6. Maine to Key West

aerial view looking west along the seven mile bridge of US1 to the florida keys
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A commenter wrote that the trip from Maine to Key West is the best road trip, using U.S. Route 1. You’ll see lovely coastal towns and amazing scenery along the way. Explore old buildings in New England and enjoy the beautiful views of Chesapeake Bay. As you go south, you’ll find sandy beaches and warm sunshine. Finally, you’ll reach Key West, a tropical paradise with relaxing beaches. This trip will be unforgettable, with lots of nature and exciting things to see.

7. Nebraska to Grand Canyon

Road with the yellow divider lines leading to red rocks formations in Arizona
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An esteemed follower shared his experience of going from Nebraska to the Grand Canyon using I-70W! You’ll see beautiful plains in Nebraska and rolling hills in Kansas. Colorado has huge mountains and a fun city called Denver. In Utah, there are absurd places like Arches and Canyonlands National Parks. Finally, you’ll reach the stunning Grand Canyon in Arizona and see amazing views. This trip is full of nature and exciting places to explore.

8. St. George, Utah to Yellowstone to North Dakota

Grand Prismatic Spring view at Yellowstone National Park
Editorial credit: Anders Riishede / Shutterstock.com

A seasoned traveler recommended St. George, Utah to Yellowstone and North Dakota. This route takes you through several states, and each has to offer something unique that attracts the tourist’s eye. One gets to see Yellowstone National Park, which is famous worldwide. It’s known for its magical view of wildlife and breathtaking landscapes, and the journey ends in North Dakota.

9. Route 12 in Southern Utah

Driving on Highway 12 in southern Utah
Photo credit: Yaya Ernst // Shutterstock.com

According to another contributor, Route 12 in Southern Utah is a remarkable route for road trips. He further denotes that the beautiful scenery is mesmerizing, and words cannot justify the wonder there. No doubt, this road trip is like going over time; every turn taken is a new wonder that unfolds the beauty beneath. It certainly makes you speechless.

10. Yellowstone to Grand Canyon

Red car on Grand Loop Road through Golden Gate Canyon at Kingman Pass in the northwestern region of Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, USA.
Photo credit: Ronnie Chua // Shutterstock.com

An experienced road trip intellect denotes that the best trip is from Yellowstone to the Grand Canyon through I-15-S! Starting at Yellowstone National Park, you’ll see geysers and majestic wildlife. As you travel through Idaho, enjoy the beautiful views of hills and forests. In Utah, be amazed by the Wasatch Range and red rock formations in Zion National Park. Finally, the last destination in Arizona, watch for dramatic hillside views before reaching the breathtaking Grand Canyon. This road trip offers a perfect mixture of nature’s wonders and diverse landscapes.

11. Trail Ridge Road in Rocky Mountain National Park

Trail Ridge Road, high in Colorado's Rocky Mountain National Park.
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One user proposes Trail Ridge Road in Rocky Mountain National Park. Trail Ridge Road is a famous scenic drive located in Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado, USA. It is one of the highest paved roads in North America and offers stunning views of the Rocky Mountains.

12. Capitol Reef to Bryce Canyon

utah - route 12 - escalante
Photo credit: benemale // Shutterstock.com

An experienced road trip fan shared his experience about a fantastic road trip from Capitol Reef to Bryce Canyon in Utah. The Capitol Reef to Bryce Canyon Scenic Byway 12 is a stunning route in Utah, USA, known for its breathtaking scenery. It’s often referred to as one of the most beautiful drives in America.

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