14 of the Most Creepy Locations in America According to Adventurers

Ghost town in Montana

From the eerie corridors of Savannah’s haunted buildings to the shadowy depths of the Danvers State Mental Hospital and darkened streets of Downtown Camden, America harbors an array of spine-tingling locations. As shared by fearless adventurers on an online thread, these places pulsate with an otherworldly energy. Let’s see what other places they had to share!

1. Centralia, Pennsylvania

Graffiti highway in Centralia Pennsylvania
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Centralia is a small borough in Columbia County, Pennsylvania, United States. It gained notoriety due to an underground coal mine fire that has been burning since 1962, resulting in the town being mostly abandoned. The fire, which started in a coal seam beneath the town, released toxic gases and made the area unsafe for habitation. The exact cause of the fire is unknown. This has resulted in an eerie landscape of smoke-filled streets and abandoned properties.

2. Colorado City, Arizona

Colorado City City Limits Sign Founded by members of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
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Colorado City was a common answer among adventurers as one of the “creepest places in America.”  One commenter said, “Colorado City, Arizona. Former home to FLDS Leader Warren Jeffs. I’ve known a few pilots who had to drop supplies into their airport, and despite not seeing anyone, they all got this deep pit of dread just being on the ramp. You just have the feeling of eyes watching you the entire time and you just know it’s a place you don’t want to be for very long.” 

3. Mt. St. Helens

A View of Mount Saint Helens summit
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If you’re adventurous and have a truck, you can find the old forest service roads on the side of Mt. St. Helens, which was blown out by the eruption. It has old forest service signs, with half of the characters melted or blown off, completely overgrown roads, muddy trails, and absolutely no light. An explorer says about Mt. St. Helens, “Eeriest s*** I’ve explored, and I grew up exploring abandoned asylums and prisons.”

4. Danvers, Massachusetts

Danvers Liberty Marina aerial view at 130 Water Street at Crane River and Waters River in city of Danvers, Massachusetts MA, USA.
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Danvers in Massachusetts, specifically the Danvers State Mental Hospital, is the creepiest place made by human activities. It was also used to film Session 9, a paranormal film. They set up the horror abatement equipment in the asylum tunnels and in the buildings for the movie, such as fake hands, bloodstains, etc., which they never removed. Any explorer would be creeped out seeing this place.

5. Deep Ancient Hollers in Appalachia

Eastern Kentucky Holler (EKY) Appalachian Mountains
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There’s definitely something about the Appalachians that either accepts you or doesn’t. A Holler is a valley inside the mountain range. These hollers feel protective for people born in Appalachia, almost like a shelter. If you’re not, you feel like a trespasser in a place untouched by time. An Appalachian says, “I’ve always thought of the Appalachians themselves as a kind of mother nature. She folds her children safely into the small, quiet places between rolling hills. She basks them in sunshine, leads them to little rivers and forest meadows, to a wealth of walnuts and blackberries, and to a quiet, calm existence tucked away from the wider world. But she shuns the children of other places. Her system works because her space is uncrowded, her children free. So she chills the spine of intruders when they come here, and makes them feel unwelcome.”

6. Downtown Camden, New Jersey

Aerial of Camden New Jersey Sunset
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You cannot stay or wander around in the darkened streets in Downtown Camden, New Jersey; at night or even in the day, you cannot stroll over there. People wait around at street corners to break into cars, and even cops in the city would say to go through red lights if you can. It makes the place very creepy.

7. Everglades, Florida

A parking airboat at the Everglades
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The desolate areas of the Everglades really freak out people who are passing through the place. In the daylight, it’s creepy, but especially at night. You can never know what is in the water: bodies, body parts, gators, pythons, and anacondas. Who knows!

8. Craters of the Moon National Monument in Idaho

USA, Idaho, Craters of the Moon National Monument and Reserve. Lava field with dwarf buckwheat at sunset
Photo credit: Danita Delimont // Shutterstock.com

One of the quietest places is Craters of the Moon National Monument in Idaho. Everything is old volcanic ash and basalt, including the ground, so no plant life exists. And because there’s no plant life, there is no animal life. And people are scarce because it’s out of the way. But this place is definitely worth visiting, despite its rather eery feeling.

9. Forks, Washington

Forks Washington City Limit - FORKS / WASHINGTON - APRIL 14, 2017
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Forks, Washington, and areas around it are the creepiest places you can visit. There is almost constant cloud cover; all the locals seem to know something you don’t, and knowing you’re on the tippy top left of the states feels strange. The movie Twilight was shot here, narrating the story of the vampire and werewolves. One traveler said, “I had so many weird things happen out there that I can’t explain.”

10. Ghost Town in Northern Montana

Garnet Ghost Town in montana
Photo credit: matthias_miller // Shutterstock.com

Montana has a strange ghost town somewhere on its northern side, the adventurer was not sure of the exact name. (Perhaps Garnet?) It’s deep in a ravine and is completely deserted. It has mountains on each side and is beautiful in daylight. But it becomes creepy as it suddenly goes into twilight as the sun drops below the mountain tops. It quickly goes from interesting to ominous. There is 20 minutes of drive from the highway and has lots of fog, which makes those highway wreck crosses really creepy.

11. Whittier, Alaska

harbour of Whittier, alaska
Photo credit: Carlo Emanuele Barbi // Shutterstock.com

The small city of Whittier is essentially just one huge rectangular building on the side of a mountain. Almost the entire population lives in a single apartment building, and the only access to the town is by boat or a 2.5-mile tunnel. The remoteness of it is what makes it so creepy for some people. One adventurer said, “It’s a wonderful place, but due to the remoteness and the lack of things to do, it’s not great long term for anyone suffering from anxiety, depression, loneliness, and boredom-driven mental illness.”

12. Ozarks, Missouri

Missouri Table rock lake near Branson
Photo credit: Lilith Munck // Shutterstock.com

Ozarks is not a place you want to camp at night if you’re scared of ghosts. An explorer commented on the place, “It’s definitely spooky in the Ozark.”

13. Savannah, Georgia

Savannah, Georgia, USA at Forsyth Park Fountain.
Photo credit: Sean Pavone // Shutterstock.com

Savannah in Georgia is an incredibly cool town and has creepy vibes here and there. It has lots of creepy places – graveyards, tight walkways in the historic district with no lights, and lots and lots of swamp land. It is said to be one of the most haunted cities in the USA.

14. Goldfield, Nevada

Aerial photo over the main street in Goldfield Nevada
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Goldfield in Nevada is a semi-ghost town and remnants from the Old West. Time seems to stand still there in that old mining town. A traveler says, “I lived in Death Valley for a few months and drove through Goldfield on my way to Tonopah for some drinks and groceries. felt like I was on a different planet”. 

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