11 Places Women Say They Feel the Safest Traveling Solo

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Traveling solo can be a rewarding and exciting experience, but safety is often a major concern for women. Uncovering the top picks, recently, on a platform, women shared their favorite places that they visited, where they felt safe and secure. These suggestions make it easier for women to plan their next solo adventure without worrying about safety.

1. Finland

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Finland was a highly recommended country by solo female travelers. While one lady admitted, the Finns can “take a bit to warm up to you (ha).” She added that she felt very safe while traveling there. Finland offers many wonderful activities and its population is generally respectful to tourists. 

2. New Zealand

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One user vouched for New Zealand as a secure destination for solo female travelers as a resident. The person did warn about the dangers of beaches due to strong currents and highlighted a TV series dedicated to saving people from a specific beach called Piha Rescue. While catcalling could occur, it is generally safe.

3. Western Ireland

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A solo traveler shared their experience of Western Ireland as a great place for women to explore. The person chose this destination due to its small population, ease of navigation, friendly locals, and the fact that English is spoken natively. The individual had taken a solo trip to Galway and the Cliffs of Moher and found it a fantastic experience.

4. Australia

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In contrast to their experiences in different parts of the United States, one user felt entirely safe while traveling solo in Australia. Despite spending three years in major cities, the individual did not experience any harassment, such as catcalling or groping.

5. Florida – Disney World

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Although not the boldest option, a savvy user suggested Disney World as a secure haven for solo female travelers to bask in the whimsical wonderland without worrying. The person visited the park with their partner and felt relaxed and secure even during late hours.

6. Japan

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According to the fifth person, Japan is a safe destination for solo female travelers. The user traveled the entire country alone at age 19 for months and had no unpleasant experiences. The individual did mention that some random people, possibly under the influence of alcohol, may approach you and ask if you are a movie star.

7. Costa Rica

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Having visited Costa Rica three times as a solo traveler, one person highly recommends the destination for women exploring the world alone. While advising against San Jose and Jaco, the individual praised the kindness and happiness of the Costa Rican people and the large community of fellow solo travelers.

8. Scotland

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Amidst a sea of recommendations, one traveler’s words stood out like the rolling hills of the Scottish countryside – they proclaimed Scotland as a top pick for solo female travelers, citing the welcoming nature of the locals, stunning urban landscapes, verdant countryside vistas, and a plethora of exciting activities. The country’s relatively small size also makes it easy to get around.

9. South Korea

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A fellow adventurer recently embarked on a solo journey to the fascinating country of South Korea and was met with an unforgettable experience. The explorer was pleasantly surprised to find that the gentlemen in the country were friendly and incredibly respectful, even when they hit the bustling club scene.

10. Houston, Texas

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Amidst the hustle and bustle of Houston, Texas, a courageous voyager boldly embarked on a solitary expedition, relishing in the city’s wonders. While savoring their independence, the intrepid traveler exercised caution, wisely steering clear of precarious neighborhoods that could compromise their security. Ultimately, their voyage was a safe and enjoyable escapade, leaving them with unforgettable memories of their solo sojourn in the Lone Star State.

11. Thailand

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Finally, a user shared their experience of solo travel to Thailand, where they traveled alone as an 18-year-old and lived there alone as a 23-year-old. The individual had very few issues during their time in the country.

Source: Reddit

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