10 Things That Would Be Extremely Scary If They Were 10 Times Their Normal Size


The existence of a small lizard in the corner of our room and a pitiful cockroach at the back of our closet is already enough to creep us out. Imagine if all the things we dread were 10 times their normal size. Horrible chills are going up and down my spine even thinking about it. Recently an online platform asked this interesting query from people, and some of the answers had the audience in a fit. It is interesting how much we are regulated by fear of the unknown.

1. Babies or Toddlers

Baby with flu laughing
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One of the respondents replied, “Babies, toddlers.” This sure is one scary thought. Usually, a baby is associated with innocence, and the thought of a giant baby itself is dreadful as it smashes and crushes things around it because of its gigantic size. 

2. Geese

Group of wild geese on an icy lake in winter time in Longmont. Colorado, USA
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Geese are already terrifying. But imagine huge ones, indicates another person. No doubt, the amount of terror the regular-sized geese generate by hissing, honking, and attacking, if it gets 10 times more prominent, it would have the potential and power to attack more aggressively. Moreover, an enormous bird flying over one’s head is frightening. So, these birds are better appreciated in their normal size.

3. Bugs

Close up shot of brown June beetle
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Another user, exasperated by the existence of bugs, responded, “Whatever you want to name them, but those June bugs that are always flying in your direction. ” To which another person replied, “They’re perpetually after us.” They are not wrong, though; it would be unsettling if the June bugs, also known as June beetles, were 10 times bigger than their standard size. Usually, these insects are harmless to humans, but being enormous in size would completely change the dynamics. Imagine the destruction they would do to the agricultural areas. Not forgetting the fear it would invoke among the masses. In short, the idea of June Bugs being enormously huge is reminiscent of horror movies.

4. Weasels

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A person shared that if weasels were any more giant, there would basically be no life on earth because they are THAT voracious of a predator. Their hearts beat at 400 bpm, so they’re basically super speedy killing machines that never stop & have been seen taking down animals 6x, 8x, and even 10x their size. The idea of encountering a giant weasel is disturbing and would cause panic and fear among the masses. Weasels should remain their average size.

5. Credit Card Bill

Business men sitting stressed out with home expenses and monthly credit card debt.
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Humorously commented by an individual, “My credit card bill.” This was a funny reply even now. The credit card bill hits like a ton of bricks. If it were ten times its ordinary size, people would be in seizures the whole year.

6. Praying Mantis

Mantis from family Sphondromantis (probably Spondromantis viridis) lurking on the green leaf.Sphodromantis viridis as a pet. Common names include African mantis, giant African mantis or bush mantis.
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Another person articulated praying mantis would be scary if it were ten times its average size. What a surreal sight of praying mantes with their gigantic bodies floating through the forest with the trees bending along as they pass. Undoubtedly, enormous-sized mantis roaming in the world would be fascinating to watch.

7. Belly Button

Cropped shot of a young multi-ethnic woman's stomach cupped by her hands
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The belly button is another witty reply by an enthusiast who had the audience in fits. Indeed, it would evoke fear and concern for the person encountering such a significant change in appearance. On a lighter note, the belly button would be a Halloween version of the “Incredible Hulk.”

8. Coconut Crab

Coconut crab, an iconic animal of the Batanes islands in Philippines. The coconut crab is also known as the robber crab or palm thief.
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Another remarkable comment by a genius states that coconut crabs would be terrifying. Hollywood writers take notes; he just gave away the idea of a new fun thriller movie unfolding on a tropical island. Forget Godzilla; this Crabzilla is here for some business. Jokes apart, that would be a scary sight.

9. Cat

Funny large longhair gray kitten with beautiful big green eyes lying on white table. Lovely fluffy cat licking lips. Free space for text.
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And the fun does not stop here. Another witty genius commented, “My loving, playful cat, imagine breathing in the cloud of fluff.” Talk about reversing roles and paint a picture of a human running away from a cat. What a sight that would be.

10. Elephant

Two elephants at the milwaukee county zoo
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An Elephant ten times its standard size would be freaking scary. Imagine the horror of the ground shaking with each step; it would make the other beings in front of it seem like peanuts. The sight of seeing a gigantic elephant is no less than chaos. Its enormous shadow hovering over every building would shake people to their core.

Source: Reddit

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