Treat Yourself Like Royalty: 10 Countries with Fancy Hotels You Can Actually Afford

Sunny resort beach with palm tree at the coast shore of Red Sea in Sharm el Sheikh, Sinai, Egypt, Asia in summer hot. Bright sunny light

Luxury travel doesn’t always have to come with a hefty price tag. There are several countries where travelers can indulge in luxurious stays without breaking the bank. Recently, on an online platform, people have shared their experiences of finding affordable luxury hotels in various parts of the world.

1. Indonesia

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Indonesia is a great destination for luxury hotels that won’t break the bank. According to the commenter, depending on the time of year, it is feasible to stay in several beautiful hotels in Indonesia for less than $150 per night. This is good news for anybody wishing to experience luxury while staying within their budget. Indonesia, with its beautiful beaches, historic temples, and colorful culture, is an ideal alternative for anybody searching for a spectacular trip without breaking the budget.

2. Poland

Gdansk old town and famous crane at amazing sunrise. Gdansk. Poland
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Many people recommended Poland as a destination with affordable luxury hotels, saying that it’s possible to find 4-5 star hotels for less than 100 USD per night.

3. Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur skyline at night
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A frequent traveler described how they found a wonderful stay at the Four Seasons in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, for a reasonable price. Through a reservation made via Priceline, the user could book a room for just under $200 per night. While they ultimately could not take advantage of the deal due to a change in travel plans, they shared the information in hopes that someone else could benefit from it.

4. Thailand

Landscape of two pagoda on the top of Inthanon mountain, Chiang Mai, Thailand.
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If you want to enjoy your trip full of luxuries without a high budget, then consider Thailand. It is a great option for finding luxury hotels at reasonable prices. There are plenty of high-end accommodations available in the country that are affordable and worth staying. One hotel in Thailand is even offering the chance to stay at their hotel for free this summer.

5. Vietnam

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Someone shared their experience; they could stay in Vietnam for two weeks and pay only around $200 for their hotel. The hotel provided them with a luxurious experience at a reasonable price. They were in Da Nang, a city known for its stunning beaches and expensive hotels. While the specific hotel is not named, it is evident that Vietnam provides reasonable luxury choices for anyone seeking a spectacular hotel experience.

6. Albania

Saranda's city port at ionian sea. Albania.
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Have you ever wished for a lavish holiday at a lovely beach resort without breaking the bank? Well, look no further than Albania! One satisfied tourist can attest to its greatness as a destination for high-end accommodations. They raved about the luxury hotels in the breathtaking beach towns of Dhermi and Sarande, where travelers can indulge in lavish amenities and top-notch services at surprisingly affordable prices.

7. Turkey

Hagia Sophia in Istanbul. The world famous monument of Byzantine architecture. View of the St. Sophia Cathedral at sunset.
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Turkey is another great option for travelers looking to indulge in luxury hotels without breaking the bank, shared by many users. They pointed out that the current state of the Turkish currency makes it a particularly good deal. Turkey is a fantastic alternative for individuals who wish to enjoy a luxury trip without spending too much money, thanks to its comparatively affordable costs.

8. India

Agra, Uttar Pradesh, India - The morning view of Taj Mahal monument reflecting in water of the pool, Agra, India
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If you’re craving a lavish getaway to India, but worried about the cost of accommodations, fear not! A savvy user has discovered some hidden gems in the country’s hotel scene that won’t break the bank. These luxurious hotels boast high-end amenities and cost less than $100 per night – a steal by any standard. Imagine waking up to the aroma of fragrant spices in Mumbai or basking in the sun on the stunning beaches of Goa while enjoying the lap of luxury.

9. Philippines

Boracay, Philippines - 12 April 2019: People enjoying a spectacular sunset at Boracay island in Philippines.
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A voyager stayed at the Henann Resort in Boracay, Philippines, highlighting its affordable price of just $57 a night. This beachfront resort provides opulent facilities and spectacular ocean views for a fraction of the expense of competing resorts. The user recommended it as a great option for travelers looking for a cheap yet luxurious getaway.

10. Egypt

Sunny resort beach with palm tree at the coast shore of Red Sea in Sharm el Sheikh, Sinai, Egypt, Asia in summer hot. Bright sunny light
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Sharm El-Sheikh in Egypt is a great destination for affordable luxury hotels. They personally stayed at two all-inclusive resorts in the area, and both were clean and well-maintained, with exceptional service. The traveler even gave a special mention to the Le Meridien Dahab for their enjoyable stay.

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