12 Male Fashion Choices That Women Can’t Stand

Recently, on an online platform, women shared several things that men wear that women generally dislike. From oversized clothing to gaudy designs on jeans, read on to find out what fashion faux pas to avoid if you want to impress the ladies.

1. Ill-fitting Clothes

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Ill-fitting clothes can be a serious turn-off for some women. The key to looking confident and taller is to wear clothes that fit you perfectly, accentuating your physique in all the right ways.

2. Too Much Cologne

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Several women expressed disgust for men who wear too much cologne. Wearing a little is fine, but as one commenter stated, “If you walk by and leave me gasping like a fish out of water, then you are wearing too much.”

3. Socks and Sandals

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For many women, there’s nothing worse than seeing men wearing socks and sandals together. Some women particularly described their dislike for men wearing socks with their Nike slides. While they understand it can be comfortable, it doesn’t change the fact it looks terrible. 

4. Oversized Shorts and Tees

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Oversized shorts and tees that make men look like little boys are a big no-no, according to a female-style maven. She advises that men should dress like mature adults and choose clothes that fit them properly. Baggy clothing can make men look smaller, which is definitely not appealing. A man who dresses appropriately and looks his age is much more attractive in her eyes.

5. Flashy and Garish Clothing

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Flashy and garish clothing is a major turn-off for many women. “Outrageously ostentatious shoes” and “jeans with flamboyant designs on the pockets” are two examples of clothing that should be avoided at all costs. 

6. Hat Havoc: Fedoras

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Another woman raised their voice that Fedoras are a fashion disaster. They believe that these hats have been overdone and add nothing to an outfit. Instead, they recommend opting for classic hats that are timeless and versatile.

7. Ed Hardy: Fashion Faux Pas 

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Men who still wear Ed Hardy are committing a major fashion faux pas, says a style guru. The brand’s flashy designs were once trendy, but now they’re outdated and unappealing. The woman recommends a serious wardrobe overhaul for any guy still sporting the brand.

8. Outdated Riches: 80s Style Disaster

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A fashion enthusiast said the “rich guy” look is out of touch and should have stayed in the late 80s. This look includes cargo shorts, a polo shirt, and a sweater draped over the shoulders, often paired with long hair. This style is a complete disaster to her and has no place in modern fashion.

9. Clashing Colors

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Certain outfits scream, “I don’t understand colors,” according to another woman. These are typically ensembles with clashing colors or patterns that don’t complement each other. Not only are these outfits unappealing, but they also suggest a lack of basic fashion sense. Remember, color coordination is essential when putting together an outfit.

10. Sockless Sloppiness

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Some women expressed their disdain for ankle-grazing pants and shoes worn without socks in a casual business setting. They found this look to be a complete style disaster and cringed at the sight of it. The lack of socks, according to them, was a major fashion offense and made the wearer appear unprofessional and sloppy. Many more stylish and sophisticated options are available, so why settle for this look?

11. “Guy from Massachusetts” look

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Beware the classic “guy from Massachusetts” look, warns a fashion-savvy woman. Wearing a baseball cap, a New England Patriots or Red Sox T-shirt, and cargo shorts on repeat is a definite turn-off. While being a sports fan can be a plus, a lack of variety in your wardrobe can appear unoriginal and uninspired.

12. Sagging Pants

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Sagging pants are when men wear their pants so low their underwear is exposed. One woman deemed this as “the worst” thing a man can wear. Another stated it’s even worse if they see a man sporting this look with a belt. 

Source: Reddit

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