12 of the Strangest Things Tourists Have Done in The U.S.

YELLOWSTONE, MONTANA, USA MAY 24, 2018: Outdoor view of unidentified people taking pictures of huge american Bison in the road in Yelowstone National Park

The United States of America, with its diverse landscapes, iconic landmarks, and vibrant culture, attracts millions of tourists from around the world each year. While most visitors come to experience the country’s natural wonders, historical sites, and renowned attractions, some travelers manage to stand out by engaging in truly peculiar and unexpected activities. From bewildering encounters with wildlife to eccentric hobbies pursued in famous cities, this article delves into 15 of the strangest things tourists have done while exploring the vast and captivating landscape of the U.S. Get ready to embark on an extraordinary journey as we unravel the bizarre and unforgettable experiences that have left both locals and fellow tourists scratching their heads in disbelief.

1. Hot Dogs on Pizza

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One commentator stated that he worked in a pizza restaurant in the USA. A family of four tourists came and ordered pizza. However, the restaurant also offered hot dogs, so there was mustard on every table. The family spread the mustard sauce and hot dogs on the pepperoni pizza and ate it. That was weird.

2. Wearing Flip-Flops on Hiking Trails

Top view close up of tanned women feet in flip flops walking across a wooden log covered with green moss in a lush sunny forest
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Another commentator shared that they had seen tourists wearing flip-flops on hiking trails. “You can slip, fall and die.” Wear proper footwear when hiking, also, bring lots of water in the desert, please.

3. “Saving” a Bison Calf 

Newborn bison calf in Yellowstone National Park
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In a National Park, one Canadian tourist put a bison calf from the park in his car. He drove his car for 15 minutes to hand over the calf to the park rangers, assuming it was lost. The rangers tried to return the baby bison to its herd, but they would not accept it. The rangers had to euthanize the calf. 

4. Advantages of a Language Gap

Los Angeles, California, USA - July 9. 2015: A group of people get a guided tour of the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) campus.
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A group of Chinese schoolchildren asked an American boy to guide them to campus. He took them to the administration office to ask the administration to provide them with a tour guide. And the kids thought that he was showing them the administration office and gave him applause. Then he took them to the Chairman’s office to ask for help, and the kids, again, applauded. The same happened while passing through the library. Meanwhile, their bus arrived, and they dispatched, giving $150 to the boy for his “campus tour”. 

5. Layers of Clothes

Photo of unsatisfied angry lady wear bright clothes disappointed bad behavior results isolated on purple color background
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A national park guardian stated that he has been working for a long time in Joshua Tree National Park, California. A family of 3 person, parents, and their daughter, visited the park wearing far too many clothes. It looked like they wore all things they had. Or they had a competition to see who could wear more clothes for a longer time. In the summer months, Joshua Tree National Park can have temps above 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

6. Eating Only Fast Food 

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One tour guide stated that once he had tourists from France and Germany. For the whole month, they survived on junk food, KFC/Burger King/McDonalds/Arbys/Wendys/Applebees/Chilis/etc. “It’s like…this food is junk. We have actual food you can eat that isn’t cheap garbage, but they weren’t interested.”

7. Smoking in Undesignated Areas

Ouch it probably hurts. Pity good-looking modern brunette woman in yellow t-shirt cringe and grimace as seeing someone got punched in face, folding lips and look uneasy camera, white background
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Smoking is strictly prohibited in most parts of America. Tourists from different countries do not know this fact and carry on smoking. One tourist was seen by police and asked to throw away his cigarette. Instead of feeling guilty, he called other police for being disturbed while smoking. 

8. Visiting Tech Companies for a Vacation

December 27, 2017 Menlo Park / CA / USA - A group of friends posing in front of the Facebook Like Button sign located at the entrance to the company's main headquarters located in Silicon Valley
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People coming from different countries show an urge to visit tech companies—their boring hallways, dull office parks, and literally nothing to see. Facebook is cool, but going to its office and exploring is not a vacation-type thing. The local Americans are always surprised by people wanting to see these tech companies.

9. Visiting Death Valley in August

Warning sign in Death Valley National Park, California, USA. Death Valley National Park is known for dangerously high temperatures in summer.
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Germans are very famous for their obsession with visiting Death Valley in the middle of summer, says one local. One tour guide stated that one family of 25 people came to visit Death Valley in a 126-degree temperature. They were asked to avoid it, but the tourists insisted. At the start, seven fainted, creating an emergency situation.

10. Not Understanding How Large the U.S. Is

CHICAGO, IL, July 14, 2017: A family takes a selfie at the iconic Navy Pier, with the Chicago skyline in the distance. Navy Pier attracts millions of visitors each year.
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One Polish couple asked an American the way to the Shoshone National Park. He replied it was 1,200 miles away. They didn’t understand. They asked where Chicago was. He changed the measurement scale and told them that Chicago is one hour drive to the North. They decided to go to Chicago instead.

11. Trying to Pet a Bison 

YELLOWSTONE, MONTANA, USA MAY 24, 2018: Outdoor view of unidentified people taking pictures of huge american Bison in the road in Yelowstone National Park
Photo credit: Fotos593 // Shutterstock.com

One man tried to approach and touch a male bison. The bison got angry, and the scene turned into a bullfight. The man was heavily injured. “Bison are easily-annoyed, genetically engineered main battle tanks with horns. You shouldn’t f*** with them.”

12. Stopping Cars in the Middle of the Road

A rural road winding through the woods in autumn. Taken in the Hocking Hills region of Ohio.
Photo credit: Michael Shake // Shutterstock.com

One commenter stated, “I used to live in the Hocking Hills of Ohio. Where Old Man’s Cave was. Very hilly area with lots of blind turns. A lot of foreign tourists would stop their rental cars in the middle of the road and get out and take photos. Still not sure how no one died.”

Source: Reddit

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